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Commercial Cleaning pricing information for a building whose primary use (80% or more) is for warehousing and/or manufacturing purposes.

At ServiceMaster, we believe clean isn’t just about what you can see. It’s about providing a safe, sanitary environment for you, your staff and your guests. We also understand that you likely have a budget. We do too! So, our customized plans also take that into consideration to deliver to you the best value we can while keeping you fiscally responsible.

For those reasons, our pricing typically begins at $250

Pricing Considerations


If you have a smaller office space with a much larger, unfinished, open area that might be used for a myriad of purposes from manufacturing to storage and distribution. Factors we take into consideration to develop a cleaning plan for you are just how large is this area and what specific requirements this area may need. For example, if you are a manufacturing or assembly plant, we do not necessarily want to touch any of the expensive machinery. Conversely, you might be an immense data center that houses computer servers from which dust must always be kept at bay.

Loading Dock

If you have loading docks, you know how dirty that area can get with all the traffic back and forth. While we’re happy to help maintain its cleanliness, we do need some information like how many bays and what type of goods and/or packaging are being moved through the area.

Exterior Cleaning

If you are also mandated to maintain your building’s exterior, we can help with this as well! From occasional or periodic needs like window cleaning to regular maintenance like trash removal and litter pick up, we’re here to assist you in presenting your facility in the best possible way.

Parking Area

Are you responsible for a parking area or an indoor parkade? We can also help maintain the cleanliness in these sometimes overlooked areas.

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  • General Office Cleaning
  • High Dusting
  • Empty trash
  • Wipe and sanitize surfaces
  • Washroom maintenance
  • Kitchen/Kitchenette cleaning
  • Sweep floor
  • Mop Floors
  • Hard surface (cement) floor care