Improve indoor air quality and reduce allergens in your workplace


As much of Canada transitions to pre-pandemic work routines, there is a focus on creating and maintaining healthy air quality for employees and occupants in offices and other shared indoor work environments.

Follow these recommendations to improve the indoor air quality and reduce allergy symptoms at your facility.

Control dust mites

Keep surfaces clean and uncluttered to help control dust mites. Hard surface floors are easy to keep allergen-free, but if your facility has carpet, professional cleaning will remove dirt, dust, pollen and other allergen particles that can build up deep in carpet fibres.

Vacuum once or twice weekly

Regular vacuuming is one of the most effective ways to help improve indoor air quality and keep allergen levels to a minimum. (It also greatly extends the life of your carpet!) Contact your professional commercial cleaning company and request a more frequent vacuuming schedule during allergy season.

Keep animal dander to a minimum

If your workplace allows employees to bring dogs to work, keep in mind that animal dander can build up in the carpet and on other surfaces, also affecting indoor air quality. More frequent vacuuming and cleaning is therefore required in dog-friendly offices, especially during allergy season.

Prevent entry of pollen by keeping windows and doors closed  

During warm weather, air conditioning in offices reduces humidity and allows windows and doors to be kept closed to minimize dust and pollen entry. It is crucial, however, to have the air vents cleaned at least once or twice a year to prevent the spread of dust mites and other airborne allergens that collect in the airways.

Avoid mold spores

Reduce moisture build-up in bathrooms, kitchens and other high water-use areas in your workplace. Fix all leaks and other causes of dampness to prevent excess moisture and mold growth.


For a cleaner, healthier and more productive workplace, let ServiceMaster Clean help you improve the indoor air quality and reduce allergens at your facility. We offer daily janitorial office cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning and specialty commercial cleaning plans. We will work with you to develop a service plan to suit your specific requirements and budget. Contact us today for a no-obligation assessment.